Tekran® Model 2537Xi-IH

The Tekran Model 2537Xi-IH Industrial Hygiene Mercury Monitor is designed to act as as an early warning system to prevent worker exposure to elevated mercury air levels. Mercury is easily absorbed by the lungs, making mercury vapor inhalation a primary route of mercury toxicity in the workplace environment. The Tekran 2537Xi-IH system continually monitors workplace air and provides up to date information to document changes in air concentration.

Tekran® Model 1115i

If it is desired to measure multiple locations across a work site, the Tekran 1115i Multi-Port Sampler may be added to the 2537Xi-IH system to expand the area of coverage up to a maximum of 8 locations. Each sample port is assigned a unique data flag to make sure results at each location are quickly identified. The valve switching program is completely customizable according to the customer needs. The 2537Xi-IH measures in a sequential fashion with a minimum sample cycle time is 2 minutes. Therefore, the minimum time measure once at 8 ports is as low as 16 minutes.

Tekran® HMI Alarm Panel Control

The Tekran® HMI Alarm Panel Control Adds another level of customization to the 2537Xi-IH monitor. This unit provides location-specific concentration alarm thresholds to be triggered. The system can have individual site-specific displays at each location and/or and can also have individual warning strobes. For a simplified diagram of the HMI Alarm Panel network, follow this link.

Key Features:

  • Network enabled with remote access and control
  • Touch screen interface
  • Local data storage with front panel USB retrieval
  • Selectable range from 0.1 ng/m3 to 0.25 mg/m3, higher ranges possible
  • Low dead volume with constant flow sample lines
  • Programmable area-specific alarms

For more information and a full listing of specifications and uses, please Download the Fact Sheet.