Tekran Model 2700 Automated Methyl Mercury Analysis System

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Tekran® Model 2700 Automated Methyl
Mercury Analysis System

The Tekran® 2700 Methyl Mercury Auto-Analysis System gives analytical laboratories and researchers automated alternatives to time-consuming and complex manual EPA method 1630 techniques. The Model 2700 offers a fully integrated, compact unit based on atomic fluorescence detection and operated via reliable, intuitive software. The system is pre-programmed to run EPA Method 1630, However, the Model 2700 offers complete method customization including: 1) GC column temperature ramping, 2) Programmable analysis cycle settings, 3) High temperature purge cycles and 4) Choice of trap and GC column. The 2700 will also seamlessly interface with ICP-MS or other analytical instruments.

The Model 2700 enclosure is specially designed for easy access to all serviceable components (e.g. GC column, detector, Tenax/Carbo trap). The Model 2700 includes integrated trouble shooting features such as pre-programmed leak check event cycles and software-based step by step detector maintenance guides. The superior design and features make the Model 2700’s the analyzer of choice for your methyl mercury laboratory.

Key Features:

  • Sample analysis cycle < 7 minutes per sample
  • Highly sensitive, ultra-stable CVAFS Hg detector
  • MDL of 0.002 ng/L
  • Intuitive, reliable TekMDS 2.7 software (based on the 2600 Series)
  • IR trap heating and active cooling
  • Liquid detector shuts down system in case of sample foaming or malfunction
  • Small footprint (51cm X 35cm X 52cm, L:W:H)

For more information and a full listing of specifications and uses, please Download the Fact Sheet.