Enriched Ambient Air Sampling

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Outdoor Contaminated Ambient Air

The MerPAS® sampler fitted with the yellow body diffusive barrier is best used for sampling outdoor ambient air with highly elevated mercury concentrations (> 50 ng/m3). This sampler has a thicker diffusive barrier, thereby reducing the effective sampling rate to lessen Hg capture by the device. The sampling time is typically hours up to 7 days, depending on the expected Hg levels and project goals. For general guidelines on the appropriate MerPAS® sampling configuration, see the Estimated Sampling Intervals table in the attached document. For more information or for assistance with analysis of MerPAS® samples, contact us at our MerPAS@tekran.com email address.


  • Contaminated site remediation monitoring
  • Artisinal gold mining exposure studies
  • Municiple waste transfer station monitoring
  • Industrial monitoring applications
  • Point source assessments

For more information, please download the MerPAS® Configuration Fact Sheet.