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Tekran’s® ambient air instruments have been used on every ocean and continent, even Antarctica. The Tekran® Model 2537 Ambient Air Mercury Monitor was the first product developed by Tekran® and remains a driving force of innovation. The Model 2537 is the only analyzer available that is capable of automated, continuous, unattended atmospheric mercury speciation. Our instruments produce high-resolution, accurate data that continues to advance the understanding of mercury cycling in the environment. Tekran® ambient air analyzers have been chosen by monitoring networks in the USA (NADP-AMNet), Canada (CAPMoN), Europe (EMEP) and in many other countries such as Korea, China, Germany, Poland and South Africa, to name but a few. As a testament to our excellence, our analyzers have set the standard for ambient air monitoring with hundreds of installations throughout the globe.

Tekran® 2537X

Capable of continuous long-term, unattended operation, the Tekran® 2537X Automated Ambient Air Analyzer has become the worldwide standard for ambient air mercury measurement. The combination of our patented dual pure-gold cartridges and ultra-stable CVAFS detector provide unmatched accuracy sensitivity and reliability. The Tekran® 2537X has opened up a wide array of applications that have been published in peer reviewed scientific journals. The only limit is the scientist’s imagination.

Tekran® 1130

Tekran® offers the only system in the world capable of performing automated mercury speciation determinations. The Tekran® 1130 is designed to seamlessly integrate with a Tekran® 2537 analyzer. With a control module and collection (denuder) module, the Tekran® 1130 allows separation and pre-concentration of gaseous oxidized mercury (GOM) species on an annular denuder. Using a patented thermal desorption process, GOM is converted to elemental mercury for introduction into the Tekran® 2537 analyzer. The Tekran® 1130 provides the ability to determine GOM concentrations as low as 2 picograms/m3 (0.2 ppq).

Tekran® 1135

The Tekran® 1135 adds particulate bound mercury (PBM) determinations to the capabilities of a 2537-1130 system. The Tekran® 1135 interfaces seamlessly to the Tekran® 1130 denuder module – no additional mounting is required. PBM is captured on a regenerable particulate filter and thermally decomposed to elemental mercury for introduction to the Tekran® 2537 analyzer. The Tekran® 1135 provides the ability to determine PMB concentrations as low as 2 picograms/m3 (0.2 ppq).

Tekran® 2505

The Tekran® Model 2505 mercury vapor calibration unit was designed to provide a traceable external standard to audit the Tekran® 2537 internal mercury calibration source. However, the Model 2505 provides an accurate and reproducible means of injecting a known quantity of elemental mercury vapor into any analytical system. Since the saturation vapor concentration of mercury is a well known function of temperature, only the exact volume injected and temperature of the saturated vapor need be known in order to determine the mercury injection mass.