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The Tekran® 3400 is designed for integrated system for continuous mercury emission monitoring (HgCEM) of regulated point sources. All system components housed in a controlled enclosure that may be located either at ground level or at the stack. A heated line extends to probe located at the stack sampling point. The system contains a built-in controller assuring continuous operation, periodic calibrations and data reporting. For monitoring locations requiring NIST traceability, the Tekran® 3400-CAL Mercury Generator may be added to provide instrument calibrations based on NIST standards. The Tekran® 3400-ANLZ detector uses pure gold pre-concentration with cold vapor atomic fluorescence to provide low-level (<1 ug/m3) flue gas mercury measurements.


Ground Installation Configuration (Utility, Industry, Cement)

The Tekran® 3400 HgCEM is designed for adaptability for a wide range of applications. For point source emissions monitoring, a common configuration is the ground-based installation. This arrangement is preferred in situations where the user prefers easy ground access to the instrument for servicing and maintenance. The sampling probe is located near the top of the stack to best represent the gas released to the atmosphere. The instrument is housed in an appropriate environmental enclosure with an HVAC system to maintain system stability. A heated line transports sample gas from the collection point to the ground-based instrument location.

Stack Mounted Configuration

Larger emission stacks with sufficient annular spaces or support platforms offer additional options for instrument installations. For these locations, the Tekran® 3400 is located on a platform near the sampling point. This has the advantage of minimizing the transport distance of the sample gas. Installing the system at the stack offers considerable savings by minimizing the length of heated umbilical lines, and thereby reducing power requirements. Like all Tekran HgCEM systems, the cabinet-based system is fully customizable to meet any measurement requirement.

Research HgCEM Configuration

The Tekran® 3400 offers a number of custom configurations for mercury control technology research programs. High quality measurements in simulated flue gas are vital for the evaluation and commercialization of mercury abatement technology. For research studies, the modularity of the 3400 system easily accommodates a variety of configurations. In the example configuration, the 3400-CAL Elemental Hg Source is used to provide a known Hg Spike to access the capture efficiency of a test bed. The 3400-CAL can also be configured with an oxidizer module, allowing evaluation of abatement technology against HgCl2 spikes.