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The Tekran® 3400 Analyzer (3400-ANLZ) integrates the mercury measurement, system communication and control into one easy to maintain module. The 3400-ANLZ has the same design and operation as the widely successful 2537Xi and 2537S models. For continuous long-term, unattended analysis of total fluegas mercury with unmatched accuracy, sensitivity, and reliability, the 3400-ANLZ is the preferred choice for research, process and compliance Hg emission monitoring. The industrial 2537 platform has performed exceptionally at hundreds of emission sources, and the ambient air 2537 platform has been installed at both Polar Regions, on ocean research vessels, and hundreds of locations in between.

Model 3400-ANLZ Mercury Vapor Analyzer

The Tekran® Model 3400-ANLZ mercury vapor analyzer is built specifically for measurement of stack gases and other elevated mercury source gases. The 3400-ANLZ is the cornerstone of Tekran® Hg CEM Systems, which have been installed at over 200 sites in the U.S. The 3400-ANLZ has proven accurate, stable, and reliable under the most remote and rugged conditions. Designed for years of continuous use, Tekran’s patented pure gold cartridge is immune to memory effects and will eliminate the host of interferences that plague direct AA or AF analyzers.

Tekran Firmware-Based Controller

The 3400 HgCEM is controlled and operates using a robust and simple to operate embedded microprocessor, allowing full control of the entire system. All instrumental control is fully built into the analyzer firmware, so the system does not require a special software operation package. Adjustments to system operation settings are performed using simple terminal communications.

For more information and a full listing of specifications and uses, please Download the Fact Sheet.