Measurement & Control

The Tekran® 2537 performs continuous long-term, unattended analysis of gaseous elemental mercury with unmatched accuracy, sensitivity, and reliability. The Tekran® 2537 is easy to setup, use, and maintain and has long been known for its rugged performance. Our instruments have been installed at both Polar Regions, on ocean research vessels and hundreds of locations in between. As a testament to the longevity of our products, the first 2537 analyzers Tekran® produced are still running strong and producing quality data with over 20 years of continuous operation.

Model 2537Xi Mercury Vapor Analyzer

The Tekran® Model 2537Xi mercury vapor analyzer is built specifically for measurement of stack gases and other elevated-Hg source gases. The 2537Xi is the cornerstone of the Tekran® Series 3300Xi Mercury CEMs which has been installed at over 200 sites in the U.S. The 2537Xi has proven accurate, stable, and reliable under the most remote and rugged conditions. Designed for years of continuous use, Tekran’s patented pure gold cartridge is immune to memory effects and will eliminate the host of interferences that plague direct AA or AF analyzers. Our cartridges do not degrade like other cartridges constructed with gold sand, silica or quartz wool.

Tekran CEM+ Software Controller

The Tekran® CEM+ System Controller offers PC-free control of the 3300Xi Mercury CEM while retaining the features most requested by our users. It combines the graphical interface that Tekran® customers have come to value with a simplified, intuitive touch-screen interface. The CEM+ System Controller is integrated into the 2537Xi firmware, taking advantage of the 2537Xi processing capabilities. The CEM+ controller automatically determines installed components and virtually eliminates the detailed system configuration required for previous traditional systems. Maintenance personnel can access the full functionality of the control application on-site simply by plugging in a laptop and entering the appropriate security password. The system allows access to the CEM for troubleshooting purposes while addressing the security concerns of the utility sector.