Model 1130 Oxidized Mercury Speciation Module

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Tekran® 1130
Oxidized Mercury Speciation Module

The Tekran® Model 1130 Oxidized Mercury Speciation Unit expands the Model 2537 Mercury Vapor Analyzer capabilities to simultaneously monitor elemental and gaseous oxidized mercury (GOM, aka RGM) species in ambient air. The patented Model 1130 is the only system in the world capable of automated mercury speciation determinations in air. The Model 1130 is an invaluable tool for research and monitoring programs and is well known for ruggedness, reliability, and performance in extreme environments. Extended instrument status and performance is monitored using Tekran® DataCom software to provide the operator with continuous quality assurance results.

Measurement of GOM with the Tekran® Model 1130 is the important link connecting deposition of air mercury to sensitive aquatic ecosystems. Emissions of GOM from point sources, in-situ production and transport can result in locally enhanced mercury deposition. Thus air speciation of mercury is of particular interest close to industrial sources. Over 100 peer-reviewed articles have been published featuring data generated by the Tekran® Model 1130 at field sites throughout the world. The Tekran® 2537-1130-1135 Atmospheric Mercury Speciation System has been chosen by networks around the world, including the, Canadian-CAPMoN, NADP AMNet, EU EMEP, Korea-NIER, Chinese Academy of Sciences and others around the world.

The majority of atmospheric mercury is present in elemental form, but differentiation is important due to the greater local impact of reactive (ionic) forms. The Model 1130 provides a supplemental pump system to minimize sample collection periods, and produce mercury-free air for use during analytical cycles.

Key Features:

  • Integrates seamlessly with the Tekran® 2537 Analyzer
  • Separate controller allows sensitive components to be indoors
  • Adsorbing surface is regenerated with each desorption cycle
  • Data logging option captures flows and temperatures
  • 1102 Zero Air Dryer

For more information and a full listing of specifications and uses, please Download the Fact Sheet.