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A well structured training program pays immediate dividends, and our customers tell us Tekran® training programs are among the best. It takes a well trained operator to get the highest performance out of their analytical equipment. At Tekran, we have spent considerable effort developing comprehensive training programs to provide our customers the needed skills and knowledge to become adept mercury analysts. Tekran’s training center for Hg CEM products is located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our laboratory and ambient air training headquarters are located at our Toronto, Ontario facility. From single day intensive courses to multiple day programs, we will optimize our curriculum to meet your needs. All participants receive specialized information packets as well as certificates of training. Tekran’s training facilities emphasize hands-on exposure to the instrumentation and keep the training highly focused. If preferred, we can maximize the benefit by conducting our training sessions at your location for multiple trainees. This approach can be more cost effective than sending several of your technicians to Tekran.

Example Hg CEM Training Schedule

  • Probe and umbilical system overview
  • Calibration systems feature and function
  • Integration and maintenance activities
  • Sample conditioning and detector overview
  • Air and water systems features
  • Controller function and system operation

Example Laboratory or
Ambient Air Training Schedule

  • Background and principles of operation
  • Introduction to instrumentation
  • Instrument setup and operation
  • Routine maintenance
  • Data Output and analysis
  • Troubleshooting and repair techniques