The Tekran® laboratory product line is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of the modern day analytical laboratory. Built around the ultra sensitive cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer (CVAFS) detector, our instrumentation offers the lowest detection limits available that surpass the requirements of ultra-trace methodologies such as EPA methods 1630 and 1631.

Tekran® 2700

Methyl Mercury Analysis System

The Tekran® 2700 Methyl Mercury Analysis System offers an automated solution for complex and time consuming manual techniques. The 2700 is a fully-integrated gas chromatography cold-vapor atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer (GC-CVAFS). The 2700 can analyze distilled waters, extracted or distilled tissues and solids, and allows direct analysis of suitable water samples (MDL=0.002 ng/L).

Tekran® 2600

Automated Total Mercury Analyzer

The Tekran® 2600 Automated Total Mercury Analyzer allows analysis of a wide range of environmental matrices. The instrument has a modular design with unique “Top Deck” components allowing fast user switching between analytical methods such as EPA 1631, EPA 245.7, and EPA IO-5. The Tekran® 2600 utilizes a CVAFS detector capable of measuring sub-picogram quantities of mercury.

Tekran® 2600-IO5

Manual Ambient Air Analyzer

The Tekran® 2600-IO5 system provides a manual approach to ambient air analysis or other non-flammable gasses. Samples are collected onto gold-coated quartz traps, and then analyzed on the 2600-IO5 instrument to determine Hg content.