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For indoor applications, the MerPAS® sampler is deployed without the protective jar housing regardless of Hg air concentration since the sample does not need protection from the elements. Mounting stands may be purchased from Tekran if needed. Sample time is determined by monitoring goals and expected air Hg levels. The yellow body diffusive barrier is used due to better performance at low wind speeds. For general guidelines on the appropriate MerPAS® sampling configuration, see the Estimated Sampling Intervals table in the attached document. For more information or for assistance with analysis of MerPAS® samples, contact us at our email address.


  • General indoor air passive sampling
  • Indoor Hg Spill investigations
  • Dental office surveys
  • Industrial hygiene assessments
  • Hg-related industries, eg: CFL recycling

For more information, please download the MerPAS® Configuration Fact Sheet.