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General Product Services

Tekran’s commitment to our customers extends well beyond the point of purchase. We offer phone, e-mail and on-site technical support for the lifetime of all of our instrumentation. Customer support is our highest priority and we will work diligently to optimize your Tekran® System performance. If you are interested in any of our extended product services listed below, please contact the appropriate group listed on our Tech Support page.

Calibration / Recertification

Tekran® offers recalibration services for all our products. We utilize specialized NIST traceable instruments tasked specifically for calibration and recertification of our instrumentation. We also offer complete systems evaluation whether part of your maintenance schedule, or to quickly access an instrument that has set idle for a long period.

HgCEM System Services

For our HgCEM product line, we offer a wide range of support services tailored to fit your needs. Our engineering experts are available to install the HgCEM at your location, and we can provide support to integrate our HgCEM into any existing data acquisition system. Tekran® HgCEM training courses even have options for online attendance.

  • On-site installation
  • Introductory and in-depth training courses
  • Custom service agreement options
    • On-site evaluation and repair
    • 24/7 service availability
    • Emergency response service
  • Remote instrument evaluation
  • RATA testing services and support

Field Projects

Some specialized field projects require on-site technical expertise to assure proper instrument performance and meet project goals. Whether due to time constraints, untested applications, or other analytical challenges the best option is to draw on the extensive expertise of Tekran® scientists. We have extensive field experience with Tekran® instrumentation that we are ready to put at your disposal.


The Tekran® Seattle Office takes on a select number of consulting projects under the direction of our Chief Scientist, Dr. Eric Prestbo. Please contact us if you need consulting in the following areas of interest:

  • Mercury measurement and speciation method development
  • Mercury control technology: Analytical measurement support and strategy
  • Experimental design and complex sampling methods
  • Emerging technology development
  • Independent analysis of environmental mercury data and project results
  • Indoor and industrial air mercury monitoring and speciation