The MerPAS Passive Air Sampler is the newest Tekran® sampling solution developed to provide our customers a simple device for measuring mercury in a wide range of environments. The sampler can be configured to sample either background ambient air or highly-contaminated industrial locations. Since collection is passive, MerPAS sampling is completely power-free allowing easy deployment in a wide array of locations.

Based on the design developed by researchers at the University of Toronto, the MerPAS sampler is the perfect sampling solution for locations not requiring high-resolution data, or for locations where greater spatial coverage is needed to complement a single location high resolution mercury monitor. After collection, the MerPAS sampler is analyzed in a laboratory for Hg content using thermal or wet chemical techniques. For more information or for assistance with analysis of MerPAS samples, contact us at our designated email address.

Download MerPAS COC at this link

Key Features:

  • No power required
  • Easy to deploy & retreive
  • Low cost – low temporal resolution
  • Applicable for wide concentration range (1 ng/m3 to 10 mg/m3)
  • Relatively immune to wind and temperature effects
  • Uses well-characterized diffusive barrier
  • Highly tested and characterized

For more information, please download the MerPAS Configuration Fact Sheet.