Tekran Instruments Corporation - a TSI Company

World’s leading manufacturer of advanced mercury analysis systems.

Visit Tekran at ICMGP 2024
The International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant is quickly approaching, starting July 21st, 2024. We look forward to joining the pre-eminent gathering of mercury researchers and policy makers from around the globe. At our exhibit, we’ll be unveiling … Learn More

MerPAS for Human Air Hg Monitoring
MerPAS has now been tested and scientifically validated at higher mercury concentrations relevant to industrial hygiene and safety monitoring by Snow, et al. from the University of Toronto states the following: “Affordability, sturdiness … Learn More

Tekran® Instruments Corporation manufacturers ultra-trace mercury analytical equipment. We are the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced mercury detection systems using cold vapor atomic fluorescence. Since our founding 1989, we are pioneers in CVAFS product manufacturing for measurement of elemental mercury. Tekran® offers a variety of solutions for laboratory, ambient air, petroleum, emissions and methyl mercury applications.

As an international leader in environmental measurement technology, Tekran serves the needs of industry, government, and research institutions. We revolutionized continuous mercury monitoring through the use of cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectrophotometry and pure gold pre-concentration. Our systems for measurement of mercury in ambient air, stack emissions and environmental samples are extraordinarily sensitive and robust with detection limits of less than 1 picogram absolute with practical immunity to interfering compounds.

Our unique solutions for ultra-trace mercury analytical equipment are recognized through awards of numerous patents. Tekran’s growing staff of research engineers and technicians leads our industry with employee commitment to innovation, instrumental quality, and exceptional customer service. Tekran® has the people, technology and resources to assure we continue to measure up to your standards.

As a member of the TSI family, Tekran® is backed by world-class design, manufacturing and customer support facilities that position us to meet the demands of a global market. The TSI Corporation provides Tekran® with the ability quickly ramp production, delivering large scale mercury monitoring solutions to our customers. For more information, see www.tsi.com.