Tekran® is able to customize our instrumentation to meet the specific needs of our industrial customers. Our experienced research and development team has the capability and flexibility needed to develop mercury analysis tools for specialized applications. Some recent and successful examples are specialized equipment for emission control-technology research, customized industrial hygiene monitoring systems, and tools to assess hand-held mercury measurement equipment. With a diversified portfolio of mercury measurement solutions, Tekran® is ready to place our expertise at your disposal.

Tekran® OrbiTek-80

On-Line Natural Gas Mercury Monitor with 2537Xi-NG

The OrbiTek-80 provides a comprehensive mercury monitoring solution for hazardous natural gas environments. The system is housed in a purge cabinet to allow safe operation in outdoor locations where combustible gases are present. The system also incorporates specialized sampling  components manufactured by our industry partner to ensure accurate mercury quantification when sampling from pressurized sources.

Tekran® 2537Xi-NG

2537Xi-NG Natural Gas Mercury Monitor

Based upon our highly successful 2537 platform, the 2537Xi-NG on-line natural gas analyzer provides an automated application of ASTM D6340 and ISO 6978 methods. Working with an industry partner, we provide a fully integrated sampling solution including probes, pressure let-down, integrated purge cabinets, and analysis.

Tekran® 2600-NG

Natural Gas and Industrial Hygiene Analyzer

Built specifically to meet the needs of the Natural Gas industry, the Tekran® 2600-NG is able to quickly and reliably determine the mercury content of complex industrial gasses. Ideally suited for study of gaseous matrices with elevated mercury levels, the 2600-NG can also be used in industrial hygiene applications to determine worker exposure to mercury vapors.

Tekran® 2537Xi-IH

On-Line Industrial Hygiene Mercury Monitor

Inhalation of vapor is the primary route of elemental mercury toxicity in the workplace environment. The Tekran 2537Xi-IH Industrial Hygiene Monitor provides continual analysis of Hg levels in workplace air in a simple to deploy turn-key unit. This system can be customized according to customer needs including: number of monitoring locations, audible and visual alarms, and site-specific visual displays to report the current concentrations.

Tekran® JITRbug

Mercury Test Gas Generator

One of the limitations of hand-held mercury air monitors is the ability to test the systems against a known mercury gas standard to confirm accuracy. Hand-held mercury monitors are subjected to a wide range of field conditions that can impact overall stability and accuracy. Based upon our NIST traceable calibrators used for emissions monitoring, the JITRBug system provides a well-characterized mercury gas standard for auditing hand-held or other air mercury monitoring equipment.