Outdoor Ambient Air

The MerPAS sampler fitted with the white body diffusive barrier is best used for sampling outdoor ambient air of low to intermediate mercury concentrations (0-50 ng/m3). With the high trapping capacity of the MerPAS substrate, the sampler may be deployed for intervals from 1 week up to 1 year. With air concentrations of 50 to 1000 ng/m3, the sampler can be deployed for time intervals of less than one week. For general guidelines on the appropriate MerPAS sampling configuration, see the Estimated Sampling Intervals table in the attached document. For more information or for assistance with analysis of MerPAS samples, contact us at our MerPAS@tekran.com email address.


  • Remote locations with no power access
  • Fenceline studies
  • Upwind/downwind of point sources
  • Gradient mapping to characterize contamination
  • Border intrusion characterization

For more information, please download the MerPAS Configuration Fact Sheet.