System Calibration

Model 3310 Elemental Hg Calibration Unit

The Tekran® Model 3310 Elemental Mercury Calibrator allows high-level mercury monitoring systems to be accurately calibrated using elemental mercury. The Model 3310 allows both multi-point calibrations and standard additions to be automatically initiated. The unit generates known mercury concentrations using a NIST traceable temperature controlled saturated mercury vapor source. Precision mass flow controllers dilute the source output to the desired value. Unlike other saturated sources, the Model 3310 contains a host of advanced features that provide superior accuracy and allow unattended, remote operation.

Model 3310 generators can be supplied certified, with mercury outputs traceable to NIST.

  • Output concentration range: 0.5 – 1000 μg/m3
  • Calibration gas delivery rate: 2 – 30 SLPM
  • Hg source control range: 5.00 to 50.00 °C
  • Mercury source will last for many years

Model 3321 Oxidizer Module

The Tekran® Model 3321 Wall Mounted Sample Conditioner can be configured to supply Ionic Mercury Calibration Gas to the 3300Xi Hg CEM system. The calibration source allows both multi-point calibrations and standard additions to be automatically initiated. The unit generates concentrations of ionic mercury by oxidation elemental Hg output from the Tekran 3310Xi Hg Calibration Unit. The Model 3321 Oxidizer Module is capable of continuously generating large flow rates of calibration gas at low ongoing cost.

  • Output concentration range: 0.5 – 250 μg/m3
  • Operates with Model 3310 to produce both elemental and ionic standards
  • Calibration gas delivery rate: 2 – 30 SLPM
  • Hg2+ standard replacement interval: 3 to 12 months

Model 1304 Air Filtration System

The Tekran® Model 1304 Air Filtration System is an inexpensive, convenient conditioning unit for plant compressed air. The Series 3300Xi Mercury CEM requires two types of air in order to operate. Motive air is required to drive the inertial filter sample flow via an eductor. Zero Air is used for dilution and for the generation of calibration gas. Both types of air should be dry, oil free and particulate free, however the Zero Air is also scrubbed of all traces of mercury. The Model 1304 can supply enough air for two CEM systems. The long-life filter elements and mercury scrubbers are simple to change, inexpensive, and last in excess of one year under normal operating conditions.

  • Pressure regulators and shut-off valves for each supply
  • Automatic draining water knockout traps
  • Multi-stage particulate traps
  • Quick disconnects allow rapid changing of Hg traps