Sample Conditioning & Probes

Model 3400-WTR

The Tekran® Model 3400-WTR Water Filtration System is an inexpensive, convenient source of deionized, mercury free water for the Tekran® 3400 Mercury CEM. With two stages of pre-filtration eliminating particulate and organic contamination, the final stage R/O membrane and ion-exchange filters have extremely long life. The Model 1306 can supply enough water for up to four CEM systems. The filter elements are simple to change, inexpensive, and last in excess of one year in normal operating environments. (Lifetime may vary with local water conditions.)

  • Holding tank has one day supply of purified water
  • Water purity monitor verifies proper operation
  • Optional booster pump for low water supply pressures
  • Simple, rapid changing of filter elements

Model 3443

The Tekran® Model 3443 is a customized version of an JCT Dilution Probe (Model JES-301). JCT probes are well-known for their dependability and ease of servicing. The probe incorporates a non-corrosive heated, replaceable Teflon filter element. The filter element is mounted in an electrically heated stainless steel housing covered by a thermal isolated weather protection enclosure. Temperature regulation is performed by a maintenance-free, fully electronic temperature controller with under temperature alarm.