Series 3400 Mercury CEM

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The Tekran® Mercury CEM (HgCEM) Systems are currently operating at over 130 sources to comply with strict US EPA regulations. In addition, there are numerous installations in Asia and Europe. For every installation, we have met and exceeded all performance requirements for our customer’s state and federal regulations.

Tekran® 3400 for International Customers

The Series 3400 is designed to measure total gaseous mercury emissions, with optional components to measure total, elemental and ionic mercury in virtually any combustion source, with NIST traceability. The system is sensitive enough to measure levels at any coal fired power plant and is immune to the interferences that plague conventional mercury CEMs.

Key Features:

  • Designed for simple and efficient installation and startup
  • Multiple configurations available for mercury speciation, research, control technology evaluation, process and compliance monitoring
  • Direct access using component slide-out feature for maintenance activities
  • Robust firmware driven operation and user interface with advanced user interface through PC and terminal program
  • Cabinet rated for IP40 (indoor) or upgradable to IP56 (outdoor) with temperature control option for installation in harsh conditions
  • Proven performance for over 20 years, based on the patented thermal converter, conditioner, dual-gold cartridges and CVAFS detection

For more information and a full listing of specifications and uses, please Download the Fact Sheet.