Tekran® is committed to the production of the most sensitive and highest quality mercury environmental monitoring equipment. Our innovative technology provides features that are unmatched. Tekran® instruments use cold vapor atomic fluorescence, patented pure gold pre-concentration and patented mercury speciation technology for many critical mercury research and measurement applications, including: flue gas emissions, ambient air, environmental samples (e.g., water, biota) and industrial monitoring.

Flue Gas CEM

The Tekran® Series 3300 Mercury Continuous Emission Monitor (CEM) is the industry’s first field-tested, field-ready mercury emissions monitoring solution. The Series 3300 CEM system is ideally suited for compliance monitoring, abatement system control and mobile testing systems. This technology has been applied in coal fired power plants, cement, steel, and incineration industries.


The Tekran® Series 2600-NG has been designed to measure mercury levels in natural gas using ASTM Method D-6350. Tekran® provides all components needed for successful sampling including a pressure reduction system, cartridge heaters, and our Model 2505 Mercury Calibration System.

Ambient Air

The Tekran® 2537 performs continuous measurement of total gaseous elemental mercury in air with unmatched accuracy, precision and reliability. With the addition of the patented 1130 and 1135 Modules, the Tekran® 2537 is transformed into a fully automated atmospheric mercury speciation analyzer; the only device of its kind in the world.


Our newest instrument, the Series 2700 Automated Methyl Mercury Analyzer provides a fully integrated, self-contained compact unit operated via state-of-the-art, intuitive software. The Tekran® 2700 offers analytical laboratories and researchers an alternative to the complex manual techniques.

The Tekran® 2600 utilizes a mercury detector capable of measuring sub-picogram quantities of mercury in water, soil, vegetation and other sample matrices. The Series 2600 was designed to be easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to maintain.