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Side Image (MerPAS Slideshow Link) The MerPAS® Passive Air Sampler is the newest Tekran® sampling solution developed to provide our customers a simple device for

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Model NG 80

Side Image (Tekran NG-80 Slideshow Link) Tekran® Model NG-80 The Tekran Model NG-80 Mercury Monitor is designed for automated analysis of natural gas streams. The

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The Tekran® 3400 is designed for integrated system for continuous mercury emission monitoring (HgCEM) of regulated point sources. All system components housed in a controlled

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Performance The flexibility of the Tekran® Series Hg CEM systems resulted in hundreds of successful coal fired power plants installations, as well as a host

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System Calibration

Side Image System Calibration The Tekran® Model 3400 includes an integrated elemental mercury generator for routine calibration through the entire system by injecting in front

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Measurement & Control

Side Image Measurement & Control The Tekran® 3400 Analyzer (3400-ANLZ) integrates the mercury measurement, system communication and control into one easy to maintain module. The

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