Tekran® is the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced mercury analysis systems. We are pioneers in CVAFS products for measurement of ultra-trace mercury levels. We therefore offer a variety of solutions for laboratory, ambient air, petroleum, emissions and methyl mercury applications.

MerPAS® for Human Air Hg Monitoring

MerPAS® has now been tested and scientifically validated at higher mercury concentrations relevant to industrial hygiene and safety monitoring. The peer-reviewed publication ... Learn More

Tekran COVID-19 Update

For information about Tekran operations during the COVID-19 outbreak, please read the following letter from Tekran’s General Manager. Download Announcement.... Learn More

The Tekran® 3400 Mercury CEM System is unsurpassed in performance at the ultra-low regulatory emission rates now being implemented. Our Hg-CEM instruments are proven performers even at levels below 1 ug/m3 in complex matrices such as coal, cement-kiln, incinerator and refinery emissions. With a Tekran® Hg-CEM, your mercury emissions monitoring future is secure.

Tekran® has a diversified portfolio of mercury measurement solutions that are tested, proven and ready for use. Tekran® is able to customize our instrumentation to meet the specific needs of our industrial customers. We have developed several custom mercury measurement systems. Contact us to see if we already have your custom solution for your specialized needs.

Tekran® is recognized as the world leader for automated air mercury monitoring systems, and is the only company offering automated, unattended atmospheric mercury speciation instruments. Our patented dual pure-gold cartridges and ultra-stable CVAFS detector provide unmatched accuracy, sensitivity and reliability.

Tekran® laboratory products meet the rigorous demands of the modern day analytical laboratory. Built around the ultra sensitive CVAFS detector, our instruments have the lowest detection limits available. Our products for total and organo-mercury measurements are designed for robustness and user serviceability to maximize sample throughput.

  • Flue Gas CEM Applications:
  • Coal fired power plants
  • Cement plants
  • Incinerators
  • Hg removal process monitoring
  • Bench scale testing
  • Industrial Applications:
  • Natural gas
  • Process gasses
  • Soil gas analysis
  • Ambient air
  • Workspace monitoring
  • Ambient Air Applications:
  • Continuous air monitoring
  • Source localization
  • Plume dispersion profiling
  • Mercury flux measurements
  • Mercury in other media
  • Laboratory Applications:
  • Total mercury in liquids
  • Total mercury in solids
  • Total mercury in tissues
  • Total mercury in gases
  • Multiple method configurations