Tekran® Model 2500
CVAFS Mercury Detector

The Tekran® Model 2500 Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectrophotometer (CVAFS) detector is used for total and speciated mercury analysis in university, government and commercial laboratories. The 2500 has an absolute detection limit of < 0.1 picograms of mercury. The system is available with either an adjustable ball flow meter or precision mass flow meter (MFM). The latter option allows remote control and readout of the carrier flow rate. The MFM version of the 2500 is recommended for applications where precise gas flow is necessary, such as configurations that include gas chromatography. The detector can be used with any analytical system capable of producing mercury vapor in an inert gas stream.

Key Features:

The Model 2500 contains a number of features that provide enhanced stability.

  • Optical path stabilization to prevent baseline and sensitivity shifts.
  • Internal DC power supply, rendering it immune to line voltage fluctuations.
  • Constant temperature excitation source in a thermostatically controlled detector block.
  • An optical feedback system provides constant intensity over the life of UV lamp.
  • Ultra low noise electronics provides a high quality analog output.
  • Optical path purged with argon for increased baseline stability.

For more information and a full listing of specifications and uses, please Download the Fact Sheet.