Tekran® is able to customize our instrumentation to meet the specific needs of our industrial customers. Our experienced research and development team has the capability and flexibility needed to develop mercury analysis tools for specialized applications. Some recent, successful examples are specialized equipment for emission control-technology research, on-line total mercury in water, custom pressure reduction for natural gas sampling, and mercury speciation stack sampling using an advanced probe system. Tekran® is ready to place our expertise at your disposal. With a diversified portfolio of mercury measurement solutions, Tekran’s technology is tested, proven and ready for use.

Continuous Emission Monitoring – Control Technology

Tekran® has provided numerous customized systems to meet the needs of the flue gas mercury control technology industry. Contact us to discuss your research application and mercury measurement needs. We also provide standard and customized system for industrial applications of continuous emission monitoring (CEM) in coal fired power plant, cement, steel, biosolid and the waste incineration industries. For more information on our standard systems, see our Tekran® Series 3300 CEM product line.

Tekran® 2600-NG for Natural Gas and Industrial Hygiene

Built specifically to meet the needs of the Natural Gas industry, the Tekran® 2600-NG is able to quickly and reliably determine the mercury content of complex industrial gasses. Ideally suited for study of gaseous matrices with elevated mercury levels, the 2600-NG can also be used in industrial hygiene applications to determine worker exposure to mercury vapors.


Tekran® prides itself on having a very experienced staff of scientists and engineers. We are available to help you with experimental design, planning, engineering and project management.

Custom Applications

While Tekran® is primarily focused on instrumentation, we also develop custom applications and products to support our main product lines. While some products are released commercially, others remain at intermediate stages of development. If you have a custom application need, Tekran® may already have a solution for you. Contact Tekran® for more information. Examples of some areas of development are listed below.

  • Automated, continuous measurement of total mercury in natural water and effluent
  • Emission flux measurements from contaminated soils
  • Indoor air monitoring
  • Mercury industrial hygiene monitoring
  • Thermal decomposition analysis
  • Flue gas desulfurization (FGD) re-emission monitoring
  • Custom calibration devices